Live Wire 1

Live Wire

James Clay fell in love with the S65 V8 engine—and the E92 M3 wrapped around it—but he wasn’t satisfied with its performance until he’d made his M3 a supercharged screamer.


Rare racer, revived 1

Rare racer, revived

A mysterious e-mail leads to a long-dormant BMW race car with a genuine 2.0-liter Schnitzer motor under the hood. Freshly restored by Mario Langsten, a racer gives up its secrets.

Road Tests

All new…and totally familiar 1

All new…and totally familiar

From its tastefully evolved design to its ideal balance of comfort and dynamism, the new G30 5 Series is a classic midsize BMW for the 21st century.


Stealth flyer 1

Stealth flyer

Antoni Miller’s Turbo-flared hot rod isn’t the flashiest of 2002s. Instead, it’s simply perfect, with a just-right stance and period-correct details.


The Fab Five 1

The Fab Five

The histories of BMW’s five IMSA-specification CSLs can resemble a tangled web, but new information has allowed us to clarify the role of each car in building BMW’s early reputation as the Ultimate Driving Machine in North America.


The Driver 1

The Driver

What would you do if you had a freshly restored 328 roadster in the garage? If you were Dirk de Groen, you’d hit the road, driving like it’s 1937.


Stirred, not shaken 1

Stirred, Not Shaken

A white-green monster that terrorized the Nürburgring, the Martini CSL was one of the most iconic race cars of its time. And then it disappeared, until an eagle-eyed enthusiast from Alabama found it on a used car lot in Amsterdam.


Green Hornet 1

Green Hornet

With 570 hp from its tuned S55 six, AC Schnitzer’s latest show car packs a sharp sting in a compact, 2 Series-based package.


The original 1

The Original

Alpina’s first-generation B7 reached its zenith with the B7 S Turbo. Based on the E12 5 Series, the car set the standard for all Alpinas to follow.


Elvis’ Little sister 1

Elvis’ Little Sister

Rivals when new, stablemates in retirement, 507s #70079 and #70089 are inextricably linked. Having illuminated the history of the ex-Elvis #70079, we turn the spotlight on #70089, revealing a provenance that’s nearly as compelling.

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