The Driver 1

The Driver

What would you do if you had a freshly restored 328 roadster in the garage? If you were Dirk de Groen, you’d hit the road, driving like it’s 1937.

Out of the mist 1

Out of the mist

Inspired by BMW Motorsport’s late ’70s race cars, Edgar Fajardo modified his 320i with old-school fuel metering, updated suspension and track-ready aerodynamics.

The Torque Equation 1

The Torque Equation

When it comes to driving fun, we know that handling is more important than power, but how much torque is the absolute minimum? To find out, we drive a pair of relatively low-torque BMWs: the E30 M3 and its tax-dodging cousin, the E30 320is.

The Unloved 3 1

The Unloved 3

U.S. enthusiasts failed to embrace the E21 3 Series like they had the 2002, or like they would the E30 that followed. Were Federal regulations to blame, or were the Euro E21s equally forgettable? To find out, we put a Euro 323i to the test.

Evocative Engineering 1

Evocative Engineering

Unveiled at Villa d’Este, the fourth car in BMW’s Hommage series pays exuberant tribute to the legendary CSL racers of 1975.

Türkisblau Original 1

Türkisblau Original

The first thing you notice about Barry and Lynn Friesen’s 2002 tii is its gorgeous Turquoise Blue metallic paint. Look more closely and you’ll see a startlingly mint BMW, a car the original-owner Friesens have kept that way since 1973.

Black tie cabriolet 1

Black tie cabriolet

Chosen for the illustrious field at Pebble Beach in 2013, Stephen Norman’s 1938 327 cabriolet is a study in elegance and a pleasure to drive.

Turbo Dream Fulfilled 1

Turbo Dream Fulfilled

Ignatey Terzian’s rare and beautiful 1974 2002 Turbo is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to put a classic, high-performance BMW in his driveway.

Proustian Perfection 1

Proustian Perfection

Mike Burger’s unrestored Bronzit 1988 535i isn’t only about cleanliness and originality. It’s also about a period-correct E28 driving experience, which can only be had from behind the wheel.

Believe the hype 0

Believe the hype

Can a vintage car really be that much fun to drive in the modern world? It can if it’s a BMW 328, a 1930s machine that demonstrates clearly how racing improves the breed.

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