Believe the hype 0

Believe the hype

Can a vintage car really be that much fun to drive in the modern world? It can if it’s a BMW 328, a 1930s machine that demonstrates clearly how racing improves the breed.

Eccentric Estate 0

Eccentric Estate

One of perhaps ten E3 sedans converted into station wagons by BMW’s U.K. distributor, David Maughan’s estate car provided a rare opportunity for a unique restoration.

A Batmobile for Bobby 0

A Batmobile for Bobby

One of the legendary—and rare—3.2-liter “Batmobile” CSLs was recently delivered to a racing legend in his own right, Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal, who let us drive it before he’d taken the helm himself. Fortunately, we brought it back in one piece…and now

Art In Motion 0

Art In Motion

When Miguel Aponte-Rios bought a white E30 M3 race car, he saw it as a blank canvas just waiting to be turned into an original work of art for the track.

The contagion 0

The contagion

The E30 M3 celebrates its Silver Jubilee at Pocono Raceway, and the enthusiasm is infectious.

The happy mobile 0

The happy mobile

This Birch Green Isetta 300 had been making people smile since 1957, foremost among them its current owner, David Raab.

The CSL that got away 1

The CSL that got away

After finding an original, low-mileage CSL, an enthusiast ponders the thrill of the chase and the agony of loss.

Great White Shark 1

Great White Shark

One of just 110 made, this Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe is a high-performance rarity that represents the zenith of mid-'80s technology and style. It's also Paul DiMauro's pride and joy.

The Forgotten 3 1

The Forgotten 3

Though often overlooked by enthusiasts, the 1977-’83 E21 3 Series played an important role in BMW’s history by bridging the gap between the legendary 2002 and versatile E30. It’s time to take a fresh look at this under-appreciated classic

Home Brew ’02  1

Home Brew ’02

When he found it languishing in a trailer park, Hamik Hartounian thought this old 2002 would make a cheap daily driver. One year later, he’d built it into an S14-powered garage queen.

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