The Perfectionist 1

The Perfectionist

Thomas Nyznyk’s 2006 E46 M3 looks like a brand-new car, but somehow it’s shinier, nicer and better than it was when it rolled out of the showroom. It drives better, too!

Rat Rod 1

Rat Rod

It may look roughly aged, but Julian Bednorz’ 2002 wears a patina of paint, primer and wood stain, deliberately applied to interesting effect.

Something old, something new 1

Something old, something new

Combining vintage style with a modern stance, Rob Amason’s E28 gets the balance right.

Detail-oriented 1


Its Jet Black paint set off by Inka Orange details, Nick DeClemente’s E46 M3 Convertible is a distinctive drop-top whose performance is a perfect match for its subtly stylish looks.

JDM Style 1

JDM Style

Taking inspiration from the high-performance cars of the Japanese domestic market, John Zhang turned his 135i into a nonpareil style statement.

When less is more 1

When less is more

Pardon the pun, but this 1 Series M Coupe owned by MORR Wheels’ Sebastian Ramirez proves the old adage correct, retaining the essence of a stock BMW even while performance is upgraded by a wide margin.

Frankenclassic 1


Topping E39 M5 mechanicals with modified CS coupe bodywork, MKO creates a hybrid of modern and classic BMW.

Black and bold 0

Black and bold

A VF supercharger helps Andrew Golden’s Black Sapphire Z4 M Roadster make big power. Just as impressive, Golden did all his own modifications on this well sorted street-track car.

Tasmanian Devil 0

Tasmanian Devil

The 1 Series M Coupe is already one of the hottest Bimmers ever built, and it’s made even more potent with Alekshop’s elemental but well-chosen modifications.

Hard-edged and High-strung 1

Hard-edged and high-strung

Starting with a mild-mannered 1600, David Ullom created a flared-fender hot rod with 205 horsepower and a raucous personality to match.

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