Road Tests

All new…and totally familiar 1

All new…and totally familiar

From its tastefully evolved design to its ideal balance of comfort and dynamism, the new G30 5 Series is a classic midsize BMW for the 21st century.

EV about town 1

EV about town

It’s no sports car, but BMW’s all-electric i3 is quick as well as quirky about town, and it has some distinct advantages over gasoline-powered cars under the right circumstances.

The lies we tell ourselves 1

The lies we tell ourselves

Sure, it’s got more features and options than any BMW to date, but is the new 7 Series really a better car? Our European correspondent casts a critical eye on the 7’s so-called progress.

A more engaging M4 3

A more engaging M4

With a six-speed manual transmission borrowed from the 1 M Coupe, the M4 becomes a more rewarding car to drive.

The sweet spot 4

The sweet spot

Built from 1999 to 2006, the E46 coupes represented the culmination of decades of engineering tradition at BMW. Even today, E46 coupes like this 328Ci deliver a timelessly rewarding driving experience.

F30 Fulfilled 1

F30 Fulfilled

Receiving a new six-cylinder engine and a revised chassis as part of its “Life Cycle Impulse,” the F30 3 Series finally lives up to its promise as a real driver’s car.

Happy Anniversary, BMW Motorrad! 1

Happy Anniversary, BMW Motorrad!

To commemorate its 90th year of motorcycle production, BMW builds the R nineT, whose classic styling and boxer engine recall BMW’s earliest bikes without forsaking modern technology.

Are manual transmissions on the outs? 1

Are manual transmissions on the outs?

Yes and no. If you’re committed to shifting the old-fashioned way, here’s how to opt in.

Joy Ride 1

Joy Ride

The 1 Series M Coupe was a revelation upon its release in 2011. Now modified by Dinan for even more speed and better handling, it’s an epiphany in driving delight…especially on a closed mountain road.

It's alive! 1

It’s Alive!

Taking the wheel of the new MotoGP Safety Car in Qatar, Bimmer’s editor becomes the first journalist in the world to drive the new M4. It’s a big honor…and big fun!

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