Gray & Green 1

Gray & Green

A collaboration between Active Autowerke and Martino Auto Concepts yields a pair of M3s that combine outrageous performance with stunning good looks.


The Ultimate Handling Machine 1

The Ultimate Handling Machine

TC Kline’s suspension tuning transforms the entry-level 128i Coupe into a car that can rival the 1 Series M Coupe for pure driving fun.


Better Automobiles Through Automation 1

Better Automobiles Through Automation

When it comes to building cars, robots do it better than people, and BMW’s new X3 production line puts robots to work in unprecedented ways.

Road Tests

The One 1

The One

A driver’s car par excellence, the new 1 Series M Coupe evokes the spirit of the E30 M3 with its tactile speed and simplicity.


The Forgotten 3 1

The Forgotten 3

Though often overlooked by enthusiasts, the 1977-’83 E21 3 Series played an important role in BMW’s history by bridging the gap between the legendary 2002 and versatile E30. It’s time to take a fresh look at this under-appreciated classic


Home Brew ’02  1

Home Brew ’02

When he found it languishing in a trailer park, Hamik Hartounian thought this old 2002 would make a cheap daily driver. One year later, he’d built it into an S14-powered garage queen.

Design in Tension 4

Design in Tension

Appearing in advance of its hardtop and four-door counterparts, the new6 Series Convertible embodies the latest direction for BMW design. To find out how it came into being, we talk with its designer, Nader Faghizadeh.


Third-degree 3 1

Third-degree 3

Unleashing the power of the N54 six, Dinan brings 335i Coupe performance into M3 territory.

Opportunity Missed  1

Opportunity Missed

As BMW prepares to launch the MegaCity, we remember the rather similar Z13, the urban transportation prototype built two decades earlier by BMW Technik.

Now More Than Ever 1

Now More Than Ever

As BMW’s M cars get both faster and heavier, learning to drive them at the limit becomes more important than ever. For the best education available, we attend the Advanced M School at Virginia International Raceway.

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