Vintage at the Vineyards 1

Vintage at the Vineyards

With spectacular cars and Southern hospitality, it’s no wonder that Vintage at the Vineyards just keeps growing.


The Other Mille Miglia Coupe 1

The Other Mille Miglia Coupe

In 1938, BMW built a radical competition coupe that put the latest aerodynamic principles into action and showed off the capabilities of a strong new design department.


M Fest 1

M Fest

The good times roll as the world’s longest caravan of BMWs heads to Las Vegas for M Fest IV.


Love for Life 1

Love for Life

A thirty-seven-year-old 2002 tii in unrestored yet perfect condition is rare these days, and one in the possession of its original owner is rarer still. Meet Ray Sterbens and one of the loves of his life.


A Good First Impression 1

A Good First Impression

In the spring of 1975, U.S. road racing fans found out what “BMW” really stands for.


Orange Crush 1

Orange Crush

Marc Ghafouri’s smart restoration-modification pays homage to the 2002 Turbo while keeping this carbureted ’02 true to its origins as a charming but simple street machine.


Baroque Beauty 1

Baroque Beauty

A recent restoration has returned this 501 V8 to as-new condition, providing a rare window onto an oddly unsuccessful chapter in BMW’s history.


Solid and Straightforward 1

Solid and Straightforward

A slew of upgrades can’t change the fundamental character of this Bavaria, which remains a sterling example of solid engineering and straightforward design after 40 years on the road.


A Wilder Shade of M 1

A Wilder Shade of M

Active Autowerke’s supercharged M3 finally hits the road. We try to keep up with it on the twisting canyon roads of Malibu.


The Sound of Speed 1

The Sound of Speed

With 648 horsepower, Lawrence Henrard’s turbocharged E46 M3 is obviously fast, but the real seduction is the glorious sound coming from its engine bay.

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