Issue 102

November 2011

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    Track Test - E82 1 Series M Coupe: The Fun One

    Testing the new 1 Series M Coupe at Buttonwillow and Willow Springs reveals a fun yet challenging M car for driving enthusiasts.

  2. Full Article

    Tuning - E92 M3: Gray & Green

    Working as a team, Active Autowerke's Omar Murray and Martino Auto Concepts' Joe LaPadula create a stunning pair of fast M3s.

  3. F10 528i: Falling Short

    It's lovely to look at, easy on gas and beautifully put together, but the entry-level 528i just isn't very exciting to drive. Blame the weight.

  4. Technology: A Growing Family of Engines

    The forthcoming N20 four-cylinder marks the arrival of a new engine strategy at BMW, bringing greater synergy and more power.

  5. Market Update: E46 3 Series: The New Entry-level BMW

    Looking for your first BMW? Don't sign that check until you read our guide to the best of the E46 breed, the 325s and 330s of 2001-'06.

  6. E90 335i: Carbon Copy

    Darren Yoo couldn't quell his obsession with M3s, so he transformed his 335i into an M3-lookalike...with M3-beating performance.

  7. E21 Dinan 333i: Six into Three...and Charge!

    We drive another fabulous Ron Perry restoration, this one a six-cylinder turbocharged E21 widebody built by Steve Dinan in 1980.

  8. 1956 503: Style and Grace

    Designed by Albrecht von Goertz, BMW's 503 coupe and cabriolet epitomize the luxurious elegance that continues with today's 6s.

  9. Elva Mk. 8-BMW: A Knockout Elva with BMW Punch

    A lightweight sports racer powered by a BMW M10 four, Harin de Silva's Elva is as beautiful as it was when new in 1965...and faster!

  10. Events: Carolina Convergence at Hilton Head

    With BMW as the featured marque in 2011, the Hilton Head Concours promises to be heaven on earth for BMW enthusiasts.

  11. Paddock Pass: M3 on the Podium at Le Mans and Nürburgring

    As the M3s carry on collecting trophies in the big 24-hour races, BMW introduces its next contender: the M3 DTM.

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