Issue 108

August 2012

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    Downsizing: Active Autowerke 135i vs. M3

    Racing on a budget can still be fast and fun, as these Active Autowerke 135i Coupes demonstrate. But can they beat a race-prepped E92 M3? We'll see.

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    25 Hours of Thunderhill: Achilles Motorsport's longest day

    The biggest challenge in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is simply keeping a car running for the duration, as Achilles Motorsport knows all too well from racing its E36 M3.

  3. Olympic Technology: Re-engineering the long jump

    BMW isn't just sponsoring Olympic athletes, it's helping to improve their performance by using some familiar automotive technology.

  4. Meet the new M Performance M550d

    The new M550d from M Performance might be the best BMW on the road right now, with outrageous torque and stupendous fuel economy.

  5. E36 325is Buyer's Guide: M3 Lite

    If you've ever wanted an E36 M3 but were put off by the cost, consider the '92-'95 E36 325is, a fun-to-drive car that feels more modern than you might expect.

  6. When 2002 meets V8

    Shoehorning a 4.0-liter V8 engine into a lightweight 2002 chassis, MKO builds a truly lunatic but highly appealing track car.

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    Ex-Stuck, von Falkenhausen hillclimb racer 700 RS

    To capture the attention of Germany's car fans in 1961, BMW built a mid-engine racer from its modest 700 Coupe, then hired Hans Stuck to drive it.

  8. Family affair: Koko's E21 Baur TC1

    It's a familiar tale - kid gets car, restores it himself - but with a twist, because the whole Manouelian clan helped with the resurrection of Koko's beautiful Baur.

  9. Whither hydrogen?

    Before BMW shifted to electricity for its i cars, the company was all-in on hydrogen for the future of motoring. What happened?

  10. Monterey's Motoring Mecca

    Plan your summer vacation, now, because Monterey, CA is the place to be in August if you want to see BMWs old and new on the track and concours lawn.

  11. Paddock Pass: BMW wins Sebring!

    BMW Team RLR opens the ALMS season with a win at Sebring and a fine second at Long Beach; Jonathan Summerton interview.

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