Issue 109

October 2012

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    BMW Zagato Coupe: Necessary Beauty

    A collaboration between BMW and legendary Italian coachbuilder Zagato results in a stunningly sporting coupe in the great tradition of fast, exclusive GTs.

  2. Full Article

    F13 6 Series Gran Coupe : Style & Substance

    More than just a longer 6 Series with four doors, this elegant car makes an excellent alternative to a 5 or 7 Series sedan. It’s a niche-filler that makes sense.

  3. F12 M6 Convertible: obscenely fast opulence

    A 560-hp monster motor is mated to a luxury convertible in the latest machine from M. What’s this car for, anyway?

  4. E90 M3 Sedan: making a great car greater

    How to improve BMW’s stellar E90 M3 Sedan? It’s already fast, so start by fine-tuning the suspension, as TC Kline demonstrates.

  5. Buyer’s Guide: E82 128i : Simply fun!

    Looking for a newer BMW with the traditional values of simplicity and fun? Consider the 2008-’12 128i Coupe, available used for a very reasonable price.

  6. F10 Dinan 550i: nothing short of perfection

    Dinan improves the latest 550i Sedan in every respect, giving the midsize BMW a lot more power and a crisp, comfortable ride.

  7. E30 M3 Convertible: The Replacement

    When Marc and Suzin Norris became parents, their Dinan M roadster would no longer do, but a 1989 E30 M3 Convertible fit the bill perfectly.

  8. 1972 2002 tii: Fine Handiwork

    Starting with a well-used but fully intact round-taillight 2002 tii, Wayne Wundram restored it to perfection with his own two very skilled hands.

  9. Vintage and modern: The Bill Young Collection

    In fond remembrance of a great BMW collector, we look at the a few of his favorite BMWs…and ours.

  10. Event: SoCal 8s

    The E31 8 Series is among the most underrated of all BMWs, but don’t tell that to the dedicated enthusiasts at SoCal 8s, who love their ’90s supercars.

  11. Racing: The Strategist

    Along with a fast car and capable drivers, you need a sound pit strategy if you hope to win in ALMS, as BMW Team RLR’s Jay O’Connell explains.

  12. Paddock Pass: BMW wins in DTM

    Bruno Spengler takes BMW’s first DTM win in 20 years; Z4 GT3 and S 1000 RR win around the world; Martin Jensen interview.

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