Issue 110

November 2012

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    Chris Bangle: Moving forward

    Three years after leaving BMW, Chris Bangle talks about his 17 years at the helm of BMW Design…and how he transformed an industry

  2. Full Article

    E30 M3 at Pocono Raceway

    31 E30 M3s gather to mark the model’s silver jubilee at Pocono Raceway, and the enthusiasm is infectious.

  3. F13 M6 Coupe : The perfect drift machine

    560 horsepower and a feelsome, well-controlled chassis make the new M6 Coupe easy to drift…or simply drive fast.

  4. F13 650i Coupe: Speed and style

    As disappointed as we were with the 550i sedan, we’re delighted by its two-door counterpart. The new 650i is as fun to drive as it is aggressively beautiful.

  5. F30 ActiveHybrid 3: Stop making sense

    BMW’s latest gas-electric hybrid is a masterpiece of drivetrain integration. So what if it’ll take 13 years to pay off the price premium at the pump?

  6. Buyer’s Guide: The $8,000 daily driver

    If you’re looking for a practical yet sporty BMW on a budget, consider one of these three cars, each available for $8,000 or less.

  7. JCW MINI Coupe: Odd Mini out

    So what if it looks funny? With 208 hp and eager handling in John Cooper Works guise, we can forget the MINI Coupe’s strangely truncated roofline.

  8. 1976 2002: No replacement for displacement

    Forced induction is fine, but there’s something even more seductive about a big-bore ’02, as Gavin Collier’s car reveals.

  9. 1956 503 cabriolet: Pure elegance

    One of just 129 examples built, Don Dethlefsen’s beautifully restored 503 cabriolet embodies a zestful elegance in Rosso Corsa.

  10. 1934 R7 motorcycle: What could have been

    Recently restored, the 1934 R7 prototype shows BMW pursuing, then abandoning, an Art Deco approach to motorcycles.

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