Issue 111

December 2012

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  1. Full Article

    Should you buy or lease your next new BMW?

    Are those low lease rates too good to be true, or do they make good business sense? We crunch the numbers to find out.

  2. Full Article

    Mig A-Rios' E30 M3 Art Car

    Using a white E30 M3 as a blank canvas, Miguel Aponte-Rios made a stunning Art Car that pays homage to BMW’s grand tradition of taking fine art to the track.

  3. F20 M135i: Home run

    M Performance hits one out of the park with its M135i, a handsome three-door hatchback with sublime handling to match its 320 horsepower.

  4. F31 328i Sports Wagon : Practical chic

    The new 328i Sports Wagon marries an outstanding powertrain to seductive styling and superb functionality. Too bad there’s so little steering feel…

  5. Buyer’s Guide : The $15,000 cream puff

    Why drive an econobox when you could have a swanky, sporty and still shiny BMW 3 Series, 5 Series or Z3 for the same $15,000?

  6. Interview: The collaborators

    As the BMW Zagato Roadster debuts at Pebble Beach, we sit down with design chiefs from BMW and Zagato to find out what it means for both firms.

  7. Technology: BMW gets a touch of Siri

    With improved navigation, Dragon voice recognition, touchpad controls and on-board WiFi, BMW makes a great leap forward in on-board connectivity.

  8. 1979 E21 B6 and E12 B8 Alpina: Duelling Alpinas

    Bryan Calvero’s obsession with fine design led him to two great Alpina BMWs from 1979: an E21 3 Series-based B6 and an E12 5 Series-based B8. We drive both.

  9. 1999 Z3 2.8: Modern Classic

    Already appealing for its size and simplicity, Bruno Lucidarme’s Z3 2.8 is further enhanced with 250 supercharged ponies and upgraded suspension.

  10. 1959 600: Stopgap sedan

    What do you get when you stretch the Isetta to add a back seat and a bigger engine? The 600, of course. We drive Josh Brewer’s restored rarity in New York.

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