Issue 116

August 2013

Issue 116 cover
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    Topping E39 M5 mechanicals with modified E9 coupe bodywork, MKO builds a hybrid of modern and classic BMW that can be driven every day.

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    Special Cars, Special Places

    E31 8 Series + F12 M6 in Redwood Country

  3. The filling of an ever-smaller niche

    BMW repurposes its Chinese-market long-wheelbase 3 Series to create a larger, taller liftback wagon, should you want such a thing.

  4. Dynamic addition

    BMW’s smallest SAV arrives in the U.S. with a welcome mix of old-school driving feel—hello, feedback!—and the latest engines, features and options. It’s a good one.

  5. Selling the ultimate driving machine

    Board member for sales and marketing Ian Robertson explains BMW’s goals for 2013 and beyond, and also discusses “the golf thing.”

  6. Five Under Five

    Got five grand to spend on a fun daily driver? Here are five BMWs worth your consideration: sedans, coupes and roadsters with vintages from 1980 to 2002.

  7. Stealth mode

    BMW’s V8-powered E60 5 Series may not look like a high-performance sedan, but M5-beating horsepower is within easy reach, as ESS Tuning’s 545i demonstrates.

  8. Turbo Love

    Matt Russell bonded so strongly with this E30 that he treated it to turbocharging and a full chassis upgrade. After selling it once and buying it back, he’s never letting it go again.

  9. Rising Star

    In its fourth year, Legends of the Autobahn brought BMW’s mysterious M8 and Zagato Roadster to Monterey, along with Audi’s collection of quattro racers.

  10. The action at Amelia

    Two auctions, two classic BMWs: Who got the bargain, the buyer of the E9 3.0 CSL for $63,250 or the new owner of a prewar 327 cabrio for $247,500?

  11. Grilled to perfection

    Fitting a new BMW Classic grille to a restored 2002 can be a tricky task. Here’s how to do it right, without damaging parts, paint or ego.

  12. Paddock Pass: Z4 at Sebring

    BMW Team RLL sends its new Z4 GTE into action for the first time and comes back with a solid performance. Also, Andy Priaulx interview.

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