Issue 118

November 2013

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    Agility Champion

    With an ultra-stiff chassis to go with its new nomenclature, the 4 Series Coupe is an upscale two-door with superb driving dynamics.

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    Turbo Dream Fulfilled

    Ignatey Terzian had long dreamed of putting a classic, high-performance BMW in his driveway. When he found this 2002 Turbo, his dream came true.

  3. The ultimate indulging machine

    Even with a mere six-cylinder under its hood, the 6 Series Convertible is as glamorous as ever. We drive the 640i.

  4. The $9,000 3 Series

    Even if you’ve only got $9,000 to spend, you can buy a 3 Series of any vintage from 1977 to 2006. Here’s how to get a 3 Series you’ll love at a great price.

  5. The best job in the world

    BMW NA’s head of product planning and strategy, Paul Ferraiolo, is expanding the lineup while keeping it true to BMW's heritage.

  6. Battleship Grey

    With 651 horsepower screaming out of a free-flow exhaust, you’ll hear the Kelleners Sport KS5-S before you ever see this battleship grey Q-ship.

  7. That's evil!

    With 740 supercharged horsepower and everything else one might desire, this Z3 M coupe is one evil BMW. For $170,000, it should be!

  8. Pair of Aces

    Would you like your E30 M3 stock, or modified for autocross? With one of each in the garage, Len Heinz doesn’t have to decide.

  9. Posey & Stella

    Sam Posey never drove Frank Stella’s CSL Art Car, but he played a crucial role in its creation, and he helped make the artist a race fan.

  10. Shockingly simple

    If you’ve got moderate skill and a few simple tools, you can replace your E30’s rear shocks and mounts at home for like-new handling.

  11. Black Magic

    BMW Team RLL’s Z4 GTE race cars are using some unusual seats this year, crafted by Racetech in New Zealand for unprecedented safety and control.

  12. Z4 still in the hunt

    Z4 GTE rules the short tracks, Ganassi switches to the S65, DTM puts U.S. series on hold, John Edwards interview.

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