Issue 119

December 2013

Issue 119 cover
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    Road Glue

    Every BMW needs new tires eventually, but how to choose between Ultra-High, Max and Extreme Performance? We sort out the acronyms.

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    Stars of Pebble Beach

    Ursula Andress and David Carradine weren’t at Pebble Beach, but their 507s were, along with a rare Series I and one-offs from Michelotti and Loewy.

  3. Memory machine

    What does an ex-kart racer choose when he wants to experience the fun of driving again? A 2002 tii fits the bill for Mark Wigginton.

  4. Long time coming

    For more than a decade, Arash Farhoomand has been tweaking his E30 into an understated powerhouse of turbocharged tuning.

  5. Gull wings of destiny

    You saw it in Monterey, now read the real story behind the creation of BMW’s legendary Turbo concept.

  6. The accidental tuner

    James Domalski turned an accident in his 135i into an opportunity to transform it into the 1 M Coupe he’d wanted in the first place, with his preferred options.

  7. The all-wheel drive 3s

    Winter’s here, and you want all-wheel drive. Our Buyer’s Guide to the AWD 3 Series cars from 1988-2011 will help you get the right BMW at the right price.

  8. Big changes start small

    Seven years in the making, the electric-powered i3 marks the beginning of a new era of mobility at BMW.

  9. The X factor

    It may look more or less like its predecessor, but the third-generation X5 is all new under the skin, with improved dynamics and a much nicer interior.

  10. Technical, precise and efficient

    As the newest M car debuts in Monterey, we take a walk around the M4 Concept with its designer, Florian Nissl.

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