Issue 127

December 2014

Issue 127 cover
  1. 2015 F80 M3 & F82 M4: Change for the better

    Are the new M3 and M4 the best M cars ever built? We test them on 3 tracks and over 1,000 miles to find out.

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    M is for Munich

    For the first time since 1992, BMW’s Munich plant is building an M car. We go inside the factory to see how the new M4 is put together.

  3. Interview: Dr. Friedrich Nitschke: Dream job

    Why is Dr. Friedrich Nitschke always smiling? Perhaps because the head of BMW M has the best job in the world for someone obsessed with speed.

  4. Buyer's Guide: The 6-cylinder 5 and 7 Series bmws, 1978-’95

    Luxury meets simplicity and smoothness in these large and midsize sedans with 6-cylinder engines.

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    Rat Rod 2002

    Applying paint, patina and wood stain to unique effect, Julian Bednorz turned his 2002 into an art project that’s also fun to drive.

  6. 2009 E89 Z4 sDrive 35is: Always elegant, goes with everything

    Tom Gruelich’s basic black Z4 35is is a standout, with abundant power, impressive grip and subtle style.

  7. 2000 R53 MINI Cooper S: The vision thing

    Designer Murray Pfaff made his MINI into a rally-inspired hot rod with asymetrical aesthetics and attention-getting performance.

  8. 2015 F26 X4 35i: The newest niche filler

    If you’re looking for a Sport Activity Coupe but find the X6 just a bit too big, perhaps the X4 will fit the bill nicely.

  9. 2 Series Active Tourer: Change is coming

    The first front-wheel drive BMW in 84 years, the new Active Tourer might also be the world’s greatest minivan.

  10. Driver training: Ladies Only!

    For fast women who want a weekend with the gals, the Ladies-Only Two-Day M School and Spa is the most fun money can buy.

  11. Event: SE Sharkfest : Shark Sighting

    From crusty to concours, the shark-nosed 6 Series BMWs school together in South Carolina for Southeast Sharkfest.

  12. Event: Monterey: A car lover's dream world

    BMWs grace the concours lawn and cross the auction block during the Monterey historic car week.

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