Issue 128

February 2015

Issue 128 cover
  1. 2015 F22 M235i Coupe: Diminutive Dynamo

    Okay, so it’s no 1 M Coupe, but the M235i is a standout performer in its own right…so long as you push the right buttons.

  2. 2015 F36 428i Gran Coupe: Handsome is…and handsome does

    The 4 Series Gran Coupe seems superfluous, but it’s a good-looking and practical addition to the lineup.

  3. Buyer's Guide: E30 3 Series: The enthusiast’s favorite

    Long a favorite of BMW fans on a budget, the 1984-’92 3 Series is becoming a genuine collectible, as well.

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    Manual shifting: on the outs?

    Not if BMW NA can help it! If you want to shift your car yourself, here’s how to buy a manual transmission BMW.

  5. 1989 Z1 & 2001 Z8: Roadster Bookends

    BMW presents two visions of zukunft, or the future, one clad in forward-thinking plastic, the other in retro-look aluminum.

  6. 1958 507: Priceless

    So beautiful it can make even a magazine editor feel like a movie star, BMW’s 507 roadster also delivers a stellar driving experience.

  7. 1973 E9 3.0 CSi: More athletic, still authentic

    Andy Blankenburg restored his E9 coupe with respect for its essence, not to mention impeccable taste.

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    The Perfectionist

    Thomas Nyznyk’s E46 M3 looks like it just rolled out of the showroom, but it’s shinier, faster and better in every way.

  9. Not for U.S. 330d sedan: Indecently rapid

    If you’ve been wondering whether a BMW diesel can be tuned for more speed and better handling, Kelleners says, “Yes, it can!”

  10. 2015 X6 50i: Modern Maturity

    In its second generation, the X6 grows up, with better design and much improved visibility making for a far nicer driving environment.

  11. 2014 X6 M50d: Space invader

    BMW’s M Performance diesel option makes perfect sense for its big sport-utes. If only those sport-utes made sense in Europe!

  12. Paddock Pass: Turner wins GTD title

    Fall-Line wins Conti Challenge GS crown, Marco Wittmann takes DTM title, Markus Palttala interview.

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