Sport Evo Six

Unable to afford a real E30 M3 Sport Evolution, Tim Blink built his own version of BMW’s homologation special, adding genuine Sport Evo parts to a U.S.-spec car already modified with a six-cylinder S50 engine.

February 26, 2015
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Tim Blink can blame his younger brother Bob for his obsession with BMW automobiles. Until he drove his brother’s 1985 E30 325, he hadn’t realized anything was missing from his red-blooded American V8-powered Camaros, Trans-Ams and Corvettes.

“I had never driven anything like it at the time, and the memory (of that car) has never left me, “ Blink says. “The feedback from the steering, throttle and overall balance of the car just blew me away.”

Despite that epiphany, it took Blink eight years before he was ready to own a BMW.

“My first BMW was a 1993 E36 325is that I purchased used in 1995,” he recalls.

Having taken the first bite, he quickly became a fan of the cars from Munich.

“I went to a 2001 E39 540i Sport, then an 2004 E60 545i Sport,” he says, noting that his current daily driver is a 2003 E39 540i M-Technic that he has owned for almost five years. “I think it is the sharpest 5 Series that BMW ever built.”

Through that succession of 5ers, Blink had his eye on another BMW: the E30 M3. He didn’t want just any old E30 M3, however, but a Sport Evolution model. The Holy Grail of E30 M3s, Sport Evos represent the ultimate expression of the breed, and only 600 were built from December 1989 through March 1990.

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