Issue 134

November 2015

Issue 134 cover
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    F30 Fulfilled

    A new six-cylinder engine and a revised chassis help the facelifted 3 Series live up to its full potential as a real driver’s car.

  2. 3 Series Production: From Munich with love

    For 40 years, BMW’s Munich plant has been leading the way with innovations in 3 Series production.

  3. Full Article

    The Unloved 3 Series

    U.S. enthusiasts failed to fall for the 320i back in the 1970s, but would we have loved the E21 if we’d gotten the Euro 323i instead?

  4. Buyer’s Guide: Cheap, practical and sporty

    Who says you can’t have it all? For just $15,000, these three BMWs say otherwise—in three body styles, to boot!

  5. E30 M3 vs. E36 M3: Value Equation

    The original M3 is a bona fide collectible, but is the E30 really six times better than the E36 M3 from behind the wheel?

  6. 1995 E31 850CSi: Object of Desire

    Better than new at 139,000 miles, Taylor Patterson’s 850CSi reveals what tasteful mods and meticulous care can achieve.

  7. 2002 Baur Cabriolet: Second Time Around

    Forced to sell his beloved Baur in 2002, Paul Huber was lucky enough to buy it back ten years later. This time, he’s not letting it go!

  8. 1957 507 roadster: The Legacy

    The only 507 ever to have raced in the Mille Miglia, the ex-Enrique Muro roadster is revived for new owner Peter Mülder at Villa d’Este.

  9. TMS F80 M3: Orange Aid

    With a few simple mods, Turner Motorsport makes the already superb F80 M3 even better, from its performance to its appearance.

  10. Interview: Eric Riehle: Connecting with the customer

    BMW NA’s Lifestyle & Accessories manager wants you to enjoy your BMW even when you’re not driving it.

  11. Paddock Pass: BMW dominates DTM at zandvoort

    BMW Team RLL in contention for Tudor title; new M6 GT3 and M235i Racing at the Glen; Lucas Luhr interview.

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