Issue 136

February 2016

Issue 136 cover
  1. 30 2017 G12 750i xDrive: G12 Summit

    The new 7 is more than just a design and technology showcase. It’s also a great driver’s car whose agility belies its dimensions.

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    A more engaging M4

    With a manual transmission, fixed-rate suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes, this Yas Marina M4 is just right.

  3. Buyer's Guide: A Triumvirate of affordable classics

    Whether it’s a vintage 2002 or a near-vintage E21 or E30 3 Series, there’s a classic BMW in your price range.

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    The sweet spot

    No longer new but not quite old, this E46 coupe delivers a surprisingly satisfying real-world driving experience. Who needs 300+ hp, really?

  5. Alpina 50th Anniversary: Happy 50th, Alpina!

    We travel to Buchloe to raise a glass in honor of Alpina, the legendary tuner and manufacturer of high-performance BMWs.

  6. 2015 F82 M4: Rainbow Warrior

    As if its improvements to engine power, aero and suspension weren’t enough, Hamann grabs our attention with a multicolored M4.

  7. 2015 Z4 sDrive 35is: Looking the part

    BMW’s gorgeous Z4 roadster promises the moon with its aggressive, sensual styling. Does its performance leave us starry-eyed or dissatisfied?

  8. E9 CS S54 3.2: A mighty swap

    Dropping a high-revving S54 six into a vintage E9 coupe chassis is a recipe for crazy fun, as Joshua Stern’s Chamonix coupe confirms.

  9. History: Paul Greifzu: The Privateer

    From the 1920s through the 1950s, Paul Greifzu was one of the fastest BMW drivers in Germany, racing to victory on two wheels and four.

  10. Racer: M6 GT3: Race Ready!

    As BMW’s new M6 GT3 prepares to take over track duty from the Z4 GT3, we check out the latest championship contender.

  11. Paddock Pass: Paddock Pass

    BMW Team RLL finishes second to Porsche Turner Motorsport looks to 2016 and the M6 GT3, Fall-Line wins CTSC finale, Trent Hindman interview.

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