Mythical monster

When an E30 M3 with the heart of an S85 V10 showed up unexpectedly in Marc Norris’ Bavarian Workshop, we couldn’t resist firing up this Frankenbimmer. And, boy, is it hot!

January 21, 2016
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Just so you know, I don’t scare easily.

I’ve worked as a bouncer in a dive bar in Spain. I’ve played cards with unsavory characters in Hamburg’s Sankt Pauli neighborhood (and won!). I’ve eaten Thai food in Bangkok’s darker alleys. I’ve gone down Kitzbuhel’s infamous Hahnenkamm near-vertical downhill (on foot, mind you, but nevertheless), and in the more reputable parts of my past I’ve raced open-wheelers, motorcycles and many a jalopy unsafe at any speed. I’ve also suffered physical contact with guardrails, as well as with competitors’ vehicles, on tracks all over Europe.

But I’d never been scared by a car…until I met the Frankenbimmer.

This, my friends, is a vehicle whose concept stems from a seriously twisted mind. It is, simply put, mind-bogglingly insane. And I mean that in the best possible way.

It started as a perfectly nice E30 M3, but it was transformed into a screamingly aggressive, unabashedly violent and utterly wonderful monstrosity by having a 650-hp 5.7 liter S85 V10 transplanted into its engine bay, along with the same E60 M5’s six-speed manual transmission and the entire suspension from an E90 M3.

The result?

Terrifying speed and pure, unadulterated fun, the same kind of fun you’d get from going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, or from barely surviving some kind of glorious weekend orgy. You get out of this car with the equivalent of a skull-splitting hangover, but boy, did you have fun!

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