Issue 143

December 2016

Issue 143 cover
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    Martini CSL: Stirred, not shaken

    After a long hibernation, this legendary Nürburgring race car is restored and ready to start the next chapter in its fascinating history.

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    2016 AC Schnitzer ACLS2: Green Hornet

    With 570 hp from its tuned S55 six, AC Schnitzer’s latest show car packs a sharp sting in a compact, 2 Series-based package.

  3. 2017 Alpina B7: More than just a faster 7 Series

    Putting the Carbon Core chassis to good use, the new Alpina B7 offers unprecedented sportiness and luxury.

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    1981 Alpina B7 S Turbo: The Original

    We drive a freshly restored E12-based B7 S Turbo, the thoroughly reworked 5 Series that set the standard for all Alpinas to follow.

  5. 2016 F30 340i: The Sports Car In the Grey Flannel Suit

    It may look staid, but the 340i is a real fireball from the driver’s seat thanks to its explosively powerful new 6.

  6. Buyer’s Guide: E60 5 Series: The revolutionary E60 5 Series, 2004-2010

    With shocking styling and cutting-edge technology, the E60 5er still looks and feels like a modern BMW.

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    1957 507 #70089: Elvis’ Little Sister

    After a lifetime spent in the shadow of its more illustrious sibling and rival, Jack Castor’s other 507 is stepping into the limelight.

  8. People: Steve Dinan: The ultimate do it yourselfer

    Starting in 1977 with his own E21 320i, Steve Dinan built a fleet of fast BMWs and a world-renowned tuning firm.

  9. 1996 E36 328i: Turbo addiction

    What do you do when a 455-hp E30 isn’t enough? If you’re Casey Pruit, you follow it up with a 783-hp turbocharged E36!

  10. Bimmerfest East and West: Going bi-coastal

    With a pair of massive events, Bimmerfest brings enthusiasts out to play on both sides of the continent, rain or shine.

  11. Paddock Pass: M4 GT4 Coming To US

    ROWE Racing wins Spa 24 with M6 GT3, Turner Motorsport takes the M6’s first win in NA, Jens Klingmann interview.

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