Issue 93

October 2010

Issue 93 cover
  1. E92 M3 GT4: Euro Racer

    This Motorsport-built M3 is the sportiest BMW you can buy, but forget street legal. It’s not even race legal here in the U.S.!

  2. F25 X3: The Next X

    We preview the forthcoming X3 in the muddy woods of Upper Bavaria.

  3. Electrics: A Solution That Works

    Range anxiety, stress on the grid—what’s this electric car thing all about, anyway?

  4. Buyer’s Guide: Safety First

    Looking for that first BMW for a young (or simply inexperienced) driver? Here’s how to find the right one, then make sure it’s as safely driven as it is safe to drive.

  5. E92 M3: Modestly Modded

    Though Active Autowerke is known for its wild forced-induction specials, the firm also builds understated gems like this M3.

  6. R53 MINI Cooper S: Sentimentality On Steroids

    If MINIs were made to be modified, Phil Ganderton’s car is fulfilling its destiny.

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    1940 328: The Other Mille Miglia Coupe

    Down on power, this 1940 328 overcame that deficit with the sheer slipperiness of its cutting-edge aerodynamics.

  8. E30 318is: Brilliant Red Baby

    With his Brilliant Red E30, Kivanc Aslaner is living the dream of his teenage years.

  9. E12 528i: The Family Car

    One gorgeous 5 Series has brought joy to three generations of Ribeiros.

  10. 2002 vs. E82 135is: Turbo vs. Turbo

    They’re comparable on the spec sheet, but can the turbocharged 2002 built by über-enthusiast Paul Cain really compete with a 135i Coupe engineered by BMW?

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    Event: M Fest

    In record-breaking numbers, the M car fans roll into Las Vegas for the biggest party of the year—and a car show, too.

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