Fit for a Tycoon

Hamann’s 670-hp Tycoon Evo M takes the already outrageous X6 M totally over the top.

October 12, 2010
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In today’s global economy, some business leaders have more power than heads of state. The Russians call them “oligarchs,” a term with negative connotations rather like “robber barons” in the U.S.

In the Far East, top businessmen are sometimes called “tycoons,” a much more positive word that came into English from Japanese, which itself borrowed the title, meaning “great prince,” from Chinese.

Tycoon is indeed a fitting name for Hamann’s X6 M-based Tycoon Evo M, a car that Americans would say has serious attitude. By virtue of its sheer presence, dominating performance and plush interior appointments, the Tycoon could lord it over almost any other vehicle it might encounter on a public highway.

This particular Tycoon Evo M’s Russian owner, whose very successful business imports luxury designer brands into a neighboring country in the former Eastern Bloc, is not only a car enthusiast and longstanding Hamann customer, he’s also a big fan of the X6 M. In fact, he has two.

This time, however, he wanted a design statement as well as a car he could enjoy driving to work and play. Being in the fashion business, he had a lot of input into how he wanted this car to turn out.

One thing he did not want was a loud exterior color. In his world, dark exterior colors are best, and BMW M’s Carbon Black metallic is ideal. Carbon Black gives the Tycoon an undeniable menace even as it plays down the impact of the Hamann body styling kit.

Underplayed aero, wild LEDs

You’ll have to look carefully to notice the carbon fiber front and rear fender extensions that expand the car’s width by a good 2.4 inches, or the rooftop and tailgate spoilers or the side sills that connect the lower extremities of the front spoiler and rear valance. The latter has a mock diffuser underneath, but the real wow factor comes from its central cutout for the pair of truly massive 4.7-inch diameter exhaust outlets that replace the car’s standard quad pipe system. Finally, a beautifully made (and unpainted) carbon fiber hood saves weight at the nose, and it also adds vents on either side of its central power bulge to suck hot air from the hardworking turbochargers between the banks of the S63 V8 motor.

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