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The latest supercharged M3 from VF Engineering and Vorsteiner may be styled upon a military theme, but it’s not exactly a stealth fighter.

January 16, 2011
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Like most cars from BMW tuning companies, this matte-finished widebody E92 M3 was built to garner as much attention as possible for its makers. After spending a few hours with this green beast in urban Los Angeles, I’d have to say that VF Engineering and Vorsteiner pretty much nailed it.

Not only did the BMW, called the GT3RS, draw stares of disbelief from other drivers and pedestrians, it also seemed to attract the laser-focused attention of every security guard and police officer in the vicinity. While shooting and driving the M3, we were questioned no fewer than four times about what we were doing. Hmmm…must have had something to do with the camouflage paint and the military insignias displayed prominently on the Bimmer’s flanks.

(Note to self: The next time you’re shooting a military-themed vehicle, choose a location a little less heavily patrolled than an airport perimeter.)

According to VF owner Nik Saran, the inspiration for this M3 came from a pair of different sources. First, Saran needed an appropriate showcase for the company’s new supercharger kit for the E9X-gen M3, whose launch coincided with VF’s 10th anniversary in 2010.

Secondly, Saran had noticed that a fair number of the company’s clients were employed with the U.S. military, and he thought a military-themed show car would be a nice tip of the hat.

“From our interaction with these individuals, we noticed that they all seemed to be no-nonsense people, and this is how we perceive our product,” Saran reveals.

Military honors

Whether or not the car’s appearance can be described as “no-nonsense” would make for a lively discussion, but there is no denying that it’s one of the most dramatic looking cars I’ve seen in a while. Purchased in 2008, the M3 started as VF’s development mule for the forthcoming supercharger kit. Its first visual transformation involved a repaint in matte grey.

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