Issue 117

October 2013

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  1. Full Article

    When less is more

    With MORR wheels, ESS engine tuning and lightweight bodywork, Sebastian Ramirez improves the handling and power of his 1 Series M Coupe.

  2. Full Article

    Proustian Perfection

    As perfect as the day it left the showroom, Mike Burger’s E28 535i provides a memorable—and memory-provoking—period-correct driving experience.

  3. BMW gets serious

    The 560-hp M6 Gran Coupé represents the apotheosis of M car performance and design in 2013. It’s also got Those Brakes!

  4. Minimal gain

    It’s fast and fun, for sure, with a terrific exhaust note, but the 135is Convertible isn’t much more of either than the less-expensive 135i.

  5. Pure fun

    It’s summertime, and that means top-down driving pleasure in a Z3 or Z4 roadster. Here’s how to get a good one at a great price.

  6. “We’re here to win”

    Meet three-time CART champion and Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal, the BMW enthusiast behind BMW Team RLL’s sports car racing program.

  7. Dirty lowdown

    ithout a doubt, Mike Burroughs’ BMW V8-powered Ford truck was the star of this year’s Bimmerfest. This Stanceworks special has style, not to mention patina!

  8. Evolution of an E36

    After convincing his parents to buy him an E36 M3, Luke Benner set to work modifying it to his taste. We catch up with a 460-hp work in progress.

  9. Silver star

    John Barlow wanted a clean, stock Neue Klasse CS, but once he got one, he couldn’t resist letting Mano Agulian modify it with an S14 engine and more.

  10. Fane’s fine 328

    In 1939, famed British racing driver A.F.P. Fane bought this 328 roadster. 70 years later, Andrew Hall brought it to Pebble Beach.

  11. BMW winning in DTM, martin on fire at the ’Ring!

    Spengler and Farfus start 2013 in style, Maxime Martin blitzes the Nürburgring 24-Hr.

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