Issue 123

June 2014

Issue 123 cover
  1. 2014 F32 435i Coupe: Worthy of its own name

    Is BMW’s 4 Series coupe different enough to its 3 Series sedan counterpart to warrant its own model name? Former skeptics say yes.

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    BMW Innovation Day 2104

    From laser lights to carbon fiber support structures, BMW is pushing forward into a brave new world.

  3. Buyer's Guide: What $14k buys in 2014

    For half the price of a new 3 Series, you could be driving one of these fascinating enthusiast models instead.

  4. 2014 F56 MINI Cooper S: Thoroughly modern MINI

    The third-generation MINI feels more Munich than ever, with BMW-built engines and a shared platform.

  5. 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith: Coupe de Grace

    With 624 hp from its BMW-built V12 engine, the new Wraith is the fastest Rolls yet, capable of hitting 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. Just don’t try to hustle it through the turns!

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    Black tie cabriolet

    Elegantly restored in two-tone black and white, Stephen Norman’s 327 cabriolet toured the West and played Pebble Beach.

  7. 2006 E92 335i: True Love

    His girlfriend made him choose between her and the car. We think Neema Mazi made the right choice in keeping his stunning 335i.

  8. 2013 E92 M3: Salbaje, indeed!

    It means “That’s badass!” in Tagalog, and it’s an apt description of Chris Naguit’s latest project, a not-so-plain-vanilla E92 M3.

  9. Interview: Up through the ranks

    For Gordon McDonnell, working as BMW’s Motorsport Manager fulfills a lifelong passion for racing.

  10. Paddock Pass: New chapter opens at daytona

    The new era in U.S. sportscar racing gets underway with the Tudor series. Also, Augusto Farfus interview.

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