Issue 135

December 2015

Issue 135 cover
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    M4 GTS Concept for U.S.

    After decades of being denied the coolest M cars, we’re finally getting a street/ track special here in the U.S.

  2. 2016 F48 X1 25d: Second wind

    It may share a front-drive platform with a MINI and the 2 Active Tourer, but the second-gen X1 is still a great-handling BMW SAV.

  3. 2015 F83 M4 Convertible: Heavy Hitter

    So what if the M4 Convertible weighs 525 lbs. more than the M4 Coupe? It’s still a fast, inspiring, top-down sports car.

  4. On the market: Buyer’s Guide: BMWs for racing

    Whether you want to race a $500 beater with LeMons or a $12,000 spec car in club or amateur racing, there’s a BMW to fit your budget.

  5. 2015 i8: One hot hybrid!

    Turner Motorsport turns its talents on an i8, improving the car’s handling as well as its sound. Naturally, they also made it yellow!

  6. Full Article

    Blue Magic

    To make his E36 M3 faster, Jefferson Ho focused on improving mechanical grip, not engine power. And you know what? It worked!

  7. 1995 E34 540i: The incomparable E34

    Of all the 5ers, Taylor Griffith loves the E34 most of all, and this hot rod 540i six-speed warrants his affection.

  8. E30 M3 Sport Evo vs. Group A: Thunder & Lightning

    Octavio Arreaza’s Sport Evo may be the ultimate E30 M3, but Marc Norris’ Group A-inspired monster is nipping at its heels.

  9. Interview: Ulrich Knieps: Going international

    BMW Classic’s Ulrich Knieps is preparing to celebrate BMW’s centennial with a new building and a host of vintage events worldwide.

  10. Training: Street Survival: The dangerous years

    For 12 years, the Tire Rack Street Survival school has been helping kids become better drivers…and easing parents’ minds.

  11. Clean Cars and hot Laps

    Gathering near Road Atlanta, SE Sharkfest celebrates the E24 6 Series along with the 8s and newer 6s.

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