Issue 140

August 2016

Issue 140 cover
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    Buyer's Guide: E36 & E46 3 Series, 1991-2006

    With E36 prices at rock bottom and E46 prices not much higher, it’s time to get yourself into a 3 Series BMW!

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    E30 M3: The Underdog

    It may have been down on power against the V8s, but Ray Korman’s E30 M3 held its own in the Firehawk series back in 1987.

  3. Concept Vision Next 100: Digital Vision

    What kind of BMW will we be driving 20 years from now? Perhaps something as connected and autonomous as the Vision Next 100.

  4. History: The Essential BMWs

    As BMW celebrates its 100th birthday, we take a look at the cars, bikes and aero engines that mark the milestones of its history.

  5. Comparison: 850 CSi, Z8, i8: Three eights, flying the flag

    What makes a flagship BMW? To find out, we test the 850 CSi, the Z8 and the new i8 in the Alps.

  6. 2016 F57 MINI Convertible: Right at home

    The new MINI Convertible is larger, heavier and more refined than ever, suitable for all-weather driving in any environment

  7. History: Allen Hardy: Unsung Hero

    In 1977, Berkeley tuner Allen Hardy brought Alpina to the West Coast, then imported a slew of high-performance BMWs direct from Europe.

  8. 1972 2002 tii: Textbook tii

    Daniel Cooper’s 2002 tii is as fresh and precise as the day it was built. No wonder Jerry Seinfeld was impressed!

  9. Paddock Pass: M6 GT scores podiums at Sebring

    Plus: BimmerWorld wins with the F30 at Sebring, Classic BMW wins at COTA with the M235i Racing, Jesse Krohn.

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