Issue 107

June 2012

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  1. Full Article

    E82 1 Series M Coupe: The pro perspective

    You've read the opinion of journalists; now find out what pro driver Nick Longhi thinks of BMW's hot little 1 Series M Coupe.

  2. Full Article

    1957 Isetta: The happy mobile

    Since 1957, this Birch Green Isetta 300 has been making people smile, most of all its current owner David Raab.

  3. F10 550i xDrive: Four play

    With all-wheel drive and a 400-hp V8 engine, the 2012 550i comes to grips with a slippery world—wet or dry.

  4. Interview: The enthusiast's brand manager

    M Brand Manager and life-long BMW enthusiast Matt Russell talks about the past, present and future of BMW's M cars.

  5. Technology: Sensor-matic

    As self-driving cars edge closer to reality, we check in to see what's cooking in the sensor department.

  6. E46 M3 Market Update: The all-'round M3

    With a superlative six-cylinder engine, the 2001–2006 E46 M3 is the last of a breed. Here's how to buy one without breaking the bank.

  7. E36 M3: Black magic

    Starting with a crashed 1995 E36 M3, LTBMW creates a striking (and inexpensive) supercharged hot rod for road and track.

  8. E21 Hartge H3 323i: Lucky draw

    Matt Demery didn't know what he'd gotten when he took this 1982 Hartge H3 as a collateral on a bail bond, but 20 years later he's a dedicated Hartge fan.

  9. 1974 2002: Vintage cool

    Jon Eckert bought this 2002—his second—in 1974, and he's kept it as-new ever since, right down to the baseball-sized dent in its roof.

  10. Carbureted and fuel injected: 1975 3.0 CS vs. 1972 3.0 CSi

    Carburetors vs. fuel injection: Which provides the best performance in BMW's iconic E9 coupes?

  11. 1956 Avia-BMW: Moonlight marvel

    Built in Prague in 1956, this streamlined F3 racer used BMW power to win races in Czechoslovakia before it was seized by Communists.

  12. Paddock Pass: News about BMW Motorsports

    X-Raid Mini finishes 1-2 in the world's toughest rally; BMWs strike out at Daytona, DTM tests at Estoril.

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