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December 2016

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    Martini CSL: Stirred, not shaken

    After a long hibernation, this legendary Nürburgring race car is restored and ready to start the next chapter in its fascinating history.

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    Green Hornet

    With 570 hp from its tuned S55 six, AC Schnitzer’s latest show car packs a sharp sting in a compact, 2 Series-based package.

  3. 2017 Alpina B7: More than just a faster 7 Series

    Putting the Carbon Core chassis to good use, the new Alpina B7 offers unprecedented sportiness and luxury.

  4. 1981 Alpina B7 S Turbo: The original

    We drive a freshly restored E12-based B7 S Turbo, the thoroughly reworked 5 Series that set the standard for all Alpinas to follow.

  5. 2016 F30 340i: The sports car in the grey flannel suit

    It may look staid, but the 340i is a real fireball from the driver’s seat thanks to its explosively powerful new 6.

  6. Buyer’s Guide: E60 5 Series: The revolutionary E60 5 Series, 2004-2010

    With shocking styling and cutting-edge technology, the E60 5er still looks and feels like a modern BMW.

  7. 1957 507 #70089: Elvis’ Little sister

    After a lifetime spent in the shadow of its more illustrious sibling and rival, Jack Castor’s other 507 is stepping into the limelight.

  8. People: Steve Dinan: The ultimate do it yourselfer

    Starting in 1977 with his own E21 320i, Steve Dinan built a fleet of fast BMWs and a world-renowned tuning firm.

  9. 1996 E36 328i: Turbo addiction

    What do you do when a 455-hp E30 isn’t enough? If you’re Casey Pruit, you follow it up with a 783-hp turbocharged E36!

  10. Bimmerfest East and West: Going bi-coastal

    With a pair of massive events, Bimmerfest brings enthusiasts out to play on both sides of the continent, rain or shine.

  11. Paddock Pass: M4 GT4 coming to US

    ROWE Racing wins Spa 24 with M6 GT3, Turner Motorsport takes the M6’s first win in NA, Jens Klingmann interview.

  12. Paddock Pass

    ROWE Racing wins Spa 24 with M6 GT3, Turner Motorsport takes the M6’s first win in NA, Jens Klingmann interview

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