Do BMW Drivers Prefer Radio or Streaming?

Even though some people think of radio as a relic, when you talk to people, especially drivers, you can clearly see that AM/FM radio still has a special place in their hearts. There are many reasons why people are still into listening to the radio instead of streaming certain content, but in the end, it all comes to that special feeling that only comes with this type of media.

Why go with the radio?


There is no simple answer to this question, as we all pick things for various reasons, but radio has something for everyone. As for benefits of AM/FM radio, the first and probably the most important one is that it’s simply accessible, meaning that regardless of where you are, you can always turn on the radio and listen to music, check the latest news, or check what the weather will be.

Another benefit is that it is affordable, which can play a tremendous role for people as they don’t want to spend so much money on things that they can get free. RadioToday is also a complete media, covering various niches and providing people with different content, and considering that it is free and easy to use, its popularity isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Listening to the radio while on the road is something that some people cannot imagine their trip without. Take BMW drivers as an example because even though the latest BMW models offer a variety of services and features, the majority of drivers are still more likely to go with AM/FM radio than streaming. This says a lot about how important it is for people. Radio also gives us that nostalgic feeling, which you cannot say for some other type of media.

The importance of radio

People often think that listening to the radio is a thing of the past, but that’s simply not true. Yes, when we have some free time or exercise, we usually already have a prepared playlist with our favorite songs. Also, people tend to stick with the type of media they are familiar with and enjoy on a daily basis. On the other hand, we have people who still remember the golden era of radio, but precisely that is why some people think that it is not something for the new age.

The first thing to highlight here is that, just like other types of media, radio has also changed a lot. These changes are something people don’t usually notice, but that doesn’t mean this media hasn’t evolved. Understandably, in most cases, we listen to it when we are on the road. It’s simply some kind of routine to turn on the radio when driving, and usually, picking the songs and those in charge of the music genre is the passenger’s responsibility. With that said, it’s important to check what drivers are more fond of.

Streaming services


Even though streaming is still relatively new, it’s widely popular, and people are used to streaming content either on their phones, tablets or on some other device. The same goes for music while on the road, which is a common thing today. People also tend to be on their phones while traveling, which is a shame as looking at the road ahead of you, witnessing some great sights from your car, and talking about it is an experience that you cannot get by looking at the phone and browsing the net. We cannot imagine our lives without the internet, and with that in mind, it’s nothing strange that people are more likely to stream music when driving.

On the other hand, precisely because we are so dependent on technology and the internet, drivers tend to turn on the radio instead as it is a way to run from all that. This is just one plain example of why this media is still popular, as we can all agree that sometimes, we just need some time to be with our thoughts or simply sing along to our favorite tune while driving. Of course, streaming services play and will play a huge role in our lives for quite some time, but that feeling when you don’t know what song will play next and when out of nowhere your favorite radio station starts playing your favorite song, well, that’s a feeling that simply cannot be compared to any other.

What recent surveys show?

There are various studies and surveys done on this topic, and there isn’t a simple answer as the results are inconclusive. What this means is that people don’t stick to just one preferred type of media, and in most cases, it all depends on the mood and timing. In certain situations, BMW drivers simply want to hear some song that’s stuck in their mind for some reason, while in other situations, they are more likely to just turn on the radio and pick their favorite station.

As for the numbers, some of the latest research has shown that more than 75% of people still fancy the radio over streaming services, with the vast majority of them claiming that they do so every day while they are driving to and from work. A huge surprise was learning that CDs are still highly popular, and most drivers have at least a couple of CDs whose purpose is to make the driving more suiting.


AM/FM radio is still kicking and is a media that shouldn’t be overlooked. The best way to get an insight into how big of a role it has today is by checking the stats regarding advertising. Some might be surprised that various brands, both globally and locally popular, are using radio to promote new products and services to potential clients. Knowing how important a strong marketing campaign is for a business says a lot about the role of AM/FM radio in today’s advertising. All that means that people are still very fond of listening to the radio, and since this media has survived a digital revolution, we can firmly state that classic forms of radio are something that will stay with us for quite some time.