Issue 103

December 2011

Issue 103 cover
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    E92 M3: Agent Orange

    ESS supercharging gives this 604-hp E92 M3 acceleration as exuberant as its Fire Orange paint and Arkym bodywork.

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    E24 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe: Great White Shark

    As gorgeous as it is rare, this sharknosed six is Paul DiMauro's pride and joy, and a great example of superlative '80s engineering.

  3. F13 6 Series Coupe: Athletic and Accomplished

    Our first drives in the 640i and 650i Coupes reveal cars that are far more agile and enjoyable than their ample girth would suggest.

  4. E89 Z4 sDrive 28i: This One's Too Soft

    The new four-cylinder engine is just fine, but the Z4's soft suspension ties its handling into knots, limiting performance.

  5. Technology: Towards a Greener Tire

    The ideal combination of fuel economy, long life and great grip may be elusive, but tire manufacturers are getting ever closer.

  6. Market Update: E30 3 Series: The 3 That's Still No. 1

    Sold new from 1983 to 1993, the E30 3 series has a reputation for reliability and durability that's unmatched among BMWs.

  7. How-To: Buying a Good Used BMW

    Buying any used car entails a certain amount of risk, but here's how to minimize your chances of getting someone else's problem.

  8. 1939 327/28 Coupe: Constants

    Driving this beautiful vintage coupe reveals what's constant in every great BMW, from the inline six to the double-kidney grille.

  9. Event: New Wine in Old Salem

    Vintage at the Vineyards is now just The Vintage, but it's still the best BMW show on the East Coast.

  10. Interview: BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt

    BMW's new Motorsport Director talks about the factory effort in ALMS as well as the ramp-up to DTM racing.

  11. Paddock Pass: M3s, Hand and Müller Lead the GT Class

    The M3s still hold the upper hand in ALMS, while Rum Bum Racing goes top speed testing and the MINIs rally; Drik Werner interview.

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