Issue 104

February 2012

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    E89 Z4: Making up for the missing M Car

    Meet the Z4 M Roadster that BMW never built, with styling by 3D Design and smokin' hot performance by Eisenmann and ESS.

  2. Full Article

    2002 Turbo: Take Two

    Disappointed by the performance of BMW's 2002 Turbo, Mano Agulian built his own, and it's faster and cheaper than the original.

  3. F10 M5: An M5 for All Seasons

    With an all-new turbocharged V8 under the hood, the F10 M5 gains everyday usability without losing its essential M-car madness.

  4. ActiveE: Actively Electric

    Our first drive in the Active E, a precursor to next year's i3, heralds the dawning of the Age of Electricity at BMW.

  5. MINI: The X Factor

    AC Schnitzer's prototype MINI Eagle takes on the big boys at the Sport Auto Tuner GP and blasts 'em out of the sky.

  6. Comparison: BMW 5 Series GT vs. Honda Crosstour

    Meet the Odd Couple, the crossover vehicles that might better be termed crossunders, such is their lack of sales success.

  7. Market Update: E39 5 Series: The Quintessential 5 Series

    Sold new from 1997 to 2003, the E39 5 Series remains beloved by enthusiasts for its classic looks and essential BMW-ness.

  8. How-To: Cool Runnings

    BMW's cooling systems can be problematic, but technicians agree that preventive maintenance is the key to maximum reliability.

  9. E23 Hartge H7S: Speed Boat

    Lage and luxurious, BMW's first 7 Series was the ideal platform for Hartge's high-end performance tuning back in 1983.

  10. Event: Saturday in the Park in Saratoga

    The old school Bimmers roll onto the lawn and into the author's heart at the Saratoga Auto Museum in upstate New York.

  11. Paddock Pass: Glory Days

    BMW had a banner year in the U.S. in 2011, taking titles in ALMS, Grand-Am and Conti Challenge. Plus: James Clay interview.

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