Issue 122

May 2014

Issue 122 cover
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    2014 F22 M235i first drive

    It may be the first car from M Performance to reach the U.S., but the M235i is really an “is” at heart.

  2. Saving the best for last

    The R56 bows out with MINI’s most track-ready model yet, the magnificent JCW GP. Also, a track test of TC Kline’s GP

  3. More light!

    As the new head of automotive interior design, Oliver Heilmer is modernizing and brightening the BMW cockpit.

  4. Four Cult Classics $4,000

    Even if you’re on a limited budget, you can still drive a BMW with serious street cred. Consider these fascinating options.

  5. The DIY CSL

    Mark Cook wanted the ultimate E46 M3. When BMW declined to import the CSL, he decided to build one himself.

  6. More than an M5

    Brandon Miller didn’t have the luxury of starting with an M5, so he transformed his E34 525i into something far better.

  7. Full Article

    BimmerWorld F30 328i vs. E90 328i racers

    First into battle with the new F30 328i, BimmerWorld Racing hits a steep development curve.

  8. Full Article

    Pridmore's finest hour

    No one expected BMW—or Reg Pridmore—to win the inaugural AMA Superbike title in 1976, but win they did.

  9. BMW teams return to Conti Challenge

    Burton, Turner, BimmerWorld racing again in 2014; Coronel wins Sport Trophy.

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