Keeping Your BMW Clean and Looking Good

Nothing feels quite like pulling into the parking lot with my BMW’s windows down, and music playing. You love seeing smiles and nods from coworkers as I drive by.

But they don’t know how much love and attention it takes to keep this car looking so good! Between late nights at work and full weekends with family, it’s not always easy to find time for a deep clean.

So I came up with some simple tricks to make sure she stays as shiny outside as smooth on the road.

Proper Cleaning Routine


Getting a good wash really makes a difference in keeping the paint looking sharp. I like to use a shampoo made just for cars – it cleans well without being too harsh.

Don’t use regular dish soap from the kitchen – those soaps can strip away any wax and hurt the finish.

I take my time working the shampoo from top to bottom with a soft mitt. Be sure to rinse everything off after so no soap spots are left behind.


Once I’ve rinsed off all the soap, I’ll gently dry it down with a microfiber towel. Those little fibers soak up water really well without leaving scratches behind like regular towels can. I take my time patting each section dry so no water is sitting and leaving spots.

Going section by section like the windows, hood, and doors means the water totally soaks in before moving on. Seems to work a lot better than just rubbing all over and missing spots. The paint stays smooth instead of getting dried out over time.

Putting on the Coat


Applying a good wax really protects the paint from the elements. I like to use one meant just for cars to shield from UV, dirt, and fine scratches it picks up over time. With a soft cloth, I gently work the wax into small sections using little circles.

Once it clouds up a bit, I’ll buff it all off with a clean microfiber to leave that nice shine. Following the directions on the jar always gets the best results. That extra layer seems to make cleaning so much easier down the road too.

Finishing Touches

While washing and waxing do a lot, I also focus on the finer details that really make a difference. I clean the rims and tires with a special soap just for the wheels. With a soft brush, I break away all that brake dust and grime built up over time.

Applying a tire shine leaves them looking rich and glossy. The windows get some love too with a glass cleaner made for cars. Those keep streaks away so I’ve always got great visibility.

Moreover, keep in mind that rain, snow, and sun can damage the wax and color of the vehicle. Therefore, the best solution is to put on a proper cover after washing. You can find great car covers here.

Interior Cleaning


Just as important as the outside is giving the interior some love too. I start by vacuuming the floors and seats to pull up all that dirt and dust that finds its way in over time. A soft brush head is key to not scratching anything.

The dash, console, and other surfaces get wiped down with a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaner made just for car interiors. Harsh store cleaners can damage the materials, so I stay away from those.

Treating the Seats

Keeping the seats looking good is important too. For leather, I use a cleaner and conditioner made just for it. A soft cloth works the cleaner in with gentle circles to draw out any dirt.

Then a bit of the conditioner leaves the leather feeling soft and protected from drying out over time. That helps prevent cracking or fading. The fabric seats get some love too with a mild cleaner to lift out any stains and freshen everything up.

Shine Up Those Windows


The interior windows get a nice shine too. With a glass cleaner made just for cars, I spray a little onto a microfiber cloth instead of right on the glass.

That helps prevent any drips. Wiping straight up and down first, then side to side keeps streaks away. The edges and corners where dirt can hide get an extra once over.

Routine Maintenance

The little things make a big difference in keeping my ride healthy. I follow the maintenance schedule from BMW like clockwork for all those important checks and services.

Checking the oil, coolant, and brake fluid myself in between helps catch anything out of the ordinary.

Taking a lap around every now and then to spot any signs of wear lets me handle issues before they become problems. Preventative care sure does pay off in the long run.

Winter Care

The salty, messy winters here can really put a car through its paces. Before the snow flies, a nice protective coat of wax fends off grime and salt.

During the season, regular washes are key to sweeping away all that junk before it eats away at things.

An undercarriage spray helps prevent rust too. And floor mats in the front are a handy way to minimize what gets tracked inside on boots and shoes.

Professional Detailing


For a really deep clean from time to time, I’ll call in the experts. Detailing shops have special tools and know how to tackle tougher stains and give things a more thorough polish.

Those services are great for keeping the ride looking tip-top and may catch little issues before they become big hassles.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your ride clean inside and out definitely takes some TLC on a regular basis. But putting in that bit of effort really pays off in having a car that stays looking its best for longer.

The basic washing, waxing, and cleaning we talked about go such a long way. Going the extra mile with quality gear and having pros check things out every once in a while keeps your BMW running smoothly and feeling like new.