Issue 87

December 2009

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 87 cover


  1. F02 760Li: Magnificence

    Totally unnecessary and utterly irresistable, the 760Li is the fastest BMW of all right now.

  2. E61 M5 Touring: High-speed Hauler

    As the rarest car in the BMW lineup, the M5 Touring is a future collectible.

  3. E89 Z4 sDrive 30i: Sticker Shock

    There’s a lot to like about the new Z4, but its sticker price can be alarming.

  4. Market Update: M3 Madness

    A look at the market for used M3s reveals E36 bargains and fine E46 opportunities.

  5. Full Article

    E90 M3: A Wilder Shade of M

    Active Autowerke supercharges the V8-powered M3 to 638 ecstatic hp—yee haw!

  6. E90 335i: M-powering the 3 Series

    With a little help from the M division, HP Autowerks builds a meaner 335i.

  7. 2002 Turbo: The Whistling Bomb

    Following a gorgeous restoration, Jack Frederick’s 2002 Turbo is better than ever.

  8. 600: The Little Limo that Couldn’t

    Intended as an upgraded Isetta, the 600 was instead a bit of a downer.

  9. 319/1: Razor-sharp Rarity

    This 1935 roadster may be the rarest of pre-war BMWs, but its superb handling would be instantly recognizable to any BMW enthusiast.

  10. MINI: Ultralight Flying Machine

    If BMWs are too heavy for your taste, a modified MINI might be just right.

  11. Vision EfficientDynamics Concept: Forward Vision

    BMW’s Vision combines a powerful hybrid drivetrain with F1-inspired aerodynamics. We chat with its creators.

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