Issue 94

November 2010

Issue 94 cover
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    E92 M3 GTS: Street Legal…and Sold Out

    To celebrate the M3’s 25th anniversary, BMW built 150 examples of the club sport M3 GTS. We drive one at Ascari.

  2. F01 Alpina B7: The Lasting Value of Luxury

    As a thoroughly re-imagined and refined 750i, the Alpina B7 is more than just a faster, better-handling sports sedan.

  3. 1973 2002: Touring Tribute

    Fitted with a raft of vintage Alpina parts, Josh Weinstein’s 1973 Touring pays tribute to the Bavarian company’s early days.

  4. Concept: Megacity Miracle

    BMW releases fresh details about its 2013 Megacity Vehicle, and they make this carbon car sound positively electrifying.

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    E83 135i Convertible: When More Isn’t Better

    With 300 horsepower, the 135i Convertible is much faster than its 128i counterpart. Trouble is, that doesn’t make it more fun.

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    E46 M3: Excessive Force

    A Horsepower Freaks turbocharger lets Robert Henning’s E46 M3 put out as much as 817 rear-wheel horsepower.

  7. E9 3.0 CS: Absolute Perfection

    If you want the ultimate homage to the IMSA CSLs, best ask Jack Deren to build it. That’s what Joe Rodriguez did, and the result is simply stunning.

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    Event: Vintage at the Vineyards

    We’re not so sure about the wine, but the setting is delightful and the cars top-notch at this South Carolina classic.

  9. E34 Dinan 540i: A Rare Find

    Searching for an M5 on eBay, Jonathan Boice found a pristine Dinan 540i instead.

  10. Racing: A Question of Rules

    Struggling at Le Mans against ACO restrictions, BMW was ultimately undone by errors of its own making.

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